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European Border Staying Closed

***NOTE: we will update if dates are changing

Last week, The European Commission invited the European states part of the Schengen Area, and the associated states to prolong the external border closure for non-essential travel to EU for another month, until May 15

The French President Emanuel Macron has warned that the external borders of the Schengen Area and the Schengen Associated States may remain shut until September, as a measure against another wave of Coronavirus infections in the territory that may be caused by an outer factor, travellers coming from the US and other countries.

President Macron raised the possibility of the external borders remaining closed until September

during a videoconference last Friday , April 10th, with trade unions, thus prohibiting entry into the territory to most of the non-EEA travellers.

His stance was reported by France based media, according to which Macron resonated his idea on the fact that the pandemic is evolving at a different pace around the world, and “did not affect all countries at the same time.”.

Emmanuel Macron notably cited the example of the United States, where the coronavirus crisis is delayed by several weeks and which will, therefore, reach its peak later. But also, that of Africa, where the situation is developing differently. In Asia, a second peak may occur,” French media reported.

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