Travel to 1870s France, the impressionists route

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From Paris to Normandy via Giverny, if you have always been intrigued by the Impressionist art movement, you will surely appreciate the well designed itinerary. Travel in style with a private chauffeur, and enjoy the intimate group where personal attention is valued for your own comfort. Gigi will be your travel director and local guide, sharing her favorite spots in Paris and taking you on a customized artistic journey along the breathtaking coast of Normandy that inspired so  many impressionist artists.

Embark on this unique journey to impressionism and discover the regions of Ile de France and Normandy with the eyes of a creative artist. We can’t wait to share our enthusiastic passion for France and welcome you all this fall to unveil the hidden gems of impressionism! Bon voyage! 

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A note on Gigi and why she is the best at what she does: 

She is the ultimate lover of the French language and culture. After graduating in Paris, she explored the world living in Montreal, London and Chicago teaching French for over 20 years.  Her teaching philosophy is the integration of authentic culture combined with real life scenarios and intentional communicative skills with great emphasis on comprehensible input. Her most popular courses are the result of her lifelong passion for the culture, history, lifestyle, and art traveling all over France for several decades as a native speaker but also as a french educator.

Authors: Céline from Azurom Travel and Gigi from GKFrench