Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to find answers to common queries.

What are the benefits of working with Azurom Travel?

Wouldn’t it be great to have the guidance of an expert on your side? When working with Azurom Travel, you will always know you are getting the best of the best. We partner with the top suppliers in the industry, so you will always have the best experience.

You’re on vacation. You should be treated like a VIP! Azurom Travel has built strong relationships with travel partners all over the World, which means we have the connections to spoil our clients! We make sure our travel partners treat our clients like VIPs every single time.

Your time is precious. No one has unlimited time to sit and plan every detail of every single trip. Sometimes people choose to not travel just because they don’t have time to plan out a vacation. Don’t let that be you. We save you time by planning all parts of your vacation so all you have to do is go and enjoy making memories with your loved ones.

We know how overwhelming it can be to plan a vacation. The internet can be a big dark hole of too much information and it’s hard to know who and what to trust. A vacation shouldn’t add stress to your life, it should remove stress! We are here to take that stress away for you.

We’ve got your back throughout the entire travel process. From the beginning, we listen to your needs and wants to provide a customized dream vacation itinerary. We answer all your questions whenever they arise. If anything goes wrong before or during your vacation, like a missed flight connection, we are here to help. Reduce your stress by knowing a human and personal contact is there for you through the entire travel process.

What is the usual process like?

When you’re ready to start planning a trip, you can fill out this travel inquiry form.

We want to get to know you to better match the inner You with the outer World. What gets your eyes popping or your ears perked or your heart racing? What are you dreaming of these days? What were some of your past experiences? 

We will also share in detail the process of what it looks like to work with us.

Set up a call now here.

After our first exchange, we will send you our agreement to allow us to start the research, along with our service fee.

We will start our research and planning of your vacation. It is YOUR vision that is starting to take shape. Our goal is to make your dreams come true within your set budget.

After we put together our ideas, we will send them to you. You will look everything over and we will work together to create the best vacation for you.

Once you have approved all choices, we will book everything for you, and send you your travel documents.

About 2 weeks before you travel, we will send over all your final documents once more along with some tips on traveling in general and specifically to where you will be visiting.

Enjoy your vacation! Remember that we remain available to answer questions and assist with anything that may arise before, during and after your travels.

Just like a good friend, we want to hear about your latest adventures,  what was great and what could have been better, so we make each future trip awesome.

It’s important to us to have a very candid conversation upon your return.

How far in advance should I plan?

There are no rules but as soon as you know you want to travel is best to ensure availability. Here are some estimates on how far in advance to start the planning process: 

– For honeymoons and Europe travel, we recommend starting the planning process 10 months in advance.

– If you are traveling over a holiday or peak season (like summer in Europe), you should start planning 11 months to 12 months in advance.

Note that many airlines do not release their flight itineraries until 11 months prior to departure. However, we can start planning the land portion of your trip before then!

Can I plan at the last minute?

If you are a last minute type of traveler (no judgment here) note that we do offer a priority service fee option. Ask for our UVIT, Ultimate Very Important Traveler option. Ask for our UVIP option, “Ultimate VIP”. Contact us here.

Do you charge a fee?

Yes we do charge a research and design fee. Fees will be according to the scope of your travel and how large is your party. We will discuss in our complimentary discovery conversation which plan suits your needs here.

I travel a lot, can I hire Azurom Travel on a yearly basis?

Absolutely,  we actually encourage you to set up a yearly contract to have first availability and ultimate priority. Do let us know if you wish to discuss our UVIP option, “Ultimate VIP”. Contact us here.

Do I need a passport or a Visa to travel?

Nowadays, it’s a safe bet that you will need a valid passport to travel anywhere outside the United States. Many countries also require that your passport be valid for at least 6 months after the date you return from your trip.

For detailed information about passport and visa requirements for your destination, go to