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Céline Swicegood

Founder, Director, head advisor

Céline is Azurom Travel director and head designer. Originally from the French Riviera, where she worked for the regional tourism agency, the pull of tourism led her to start her own travel company dedicated to a unique and personal service focused on custom and private itinerary designs. She has also successfully managed short-term rentals for second-home owners and real estate investors on the French Riviera for the past decade. She has received the status of “Official Ambassador of the French Riviera” and is the only such representative in North America. Her travel specialties besides Europe, are sustainable tourism, adventure and wellness travel.

“I have a true passion for matching the travelers with the best travel professionals in each region and countries in the World.  Listening and understanding each traveler are key to a perfect trip.  What makes me happy:  when people are content and fulfilled after their trip”

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Azurom Travel Agency

Brand Ambassador, Travel Advisor

As an artist and creative person, I’ve always been passionate about art, culture, food, meeting new people and especially, going and exploring new places. 

My eternal curiosity has led me to seek in life learning new things, and traveling has given me that since an early age. 

Living in Paris and Chicago, trilingual with Spanish as my mother tongue, wife and mom of two beautiful kids, I have traveled the world and seek as a yearly goal to organize our family trips to create us memories for life. That’s why I joined Azurom.  Whether you’re looking for a cultural & historic vacation, a paradisiac private beach, sustainable trip, cruise, safari or even transcending the atmosphere…You name it and the sky’s the limit!

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Azurom - Luxury Travel Boutique

Brand Ambassador, Travel Advisor

Greetings, I am Alfonso, your trusted and enthusiastic travel aficionado. Armed with a plethora of worldly travel encounters, my purpose is to transform your cherished travel dreams into tangible experiences. Whether you seek moments of tranquility, thrilling escapades, delightful family adventures, or enriching cultural explorations, I am fully equipped to cater to your desires. As your dedicated Virtuoso travel consultant, I provide exclusive expertise and unparalleled access to the finest accommodations and remarkable activities. Let us collaborate and craft your upcoming odyssey that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on your memories!
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Azurom - Luxury Travel Agency Boutique

Brand Ambassador, assistant

“‘I’m a student specializing in tourism and maritime business in a foreign languages program.
Soon, I’ll be pursuing a dual Master’s degree focusing on International Hospitality & Tourism Management.
Exploring new horizons, immersing in diverse cultures, and discovering hidden gems are my passions. As a photography enthusiast, I capture moments and landscapes that inspire me.
My aim is to create memorable, sustainable, and enriching tourist experiences worldwide. I strongly believe in tourism’s ability to forge connections between people and cultures, a belief that shapes my education and professional aspirations”

Azurom - Luxury Travel Agency Boutique

Brand Ambassador, French learning Specialist

Gigi Kuhn is a global citizen with triple citizenship, teacher by training, and lover of the French language and culture. She was born in Saigon, raised in Paris, studied in Montreal, and worked in London. Gigi is trilingual, with French as her mother tongue. Although Chicago has been her home since the year 2000; Paris will always be her home sweet home. Gigi carved out a distinguished career as a French educator of children, teaching at Lycée Francais de Chicago, several Alliances Françaises in the US, Latin School, Berlitz Language and Catherine Cook School. In 2015, the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) awarded Gigi its “Prix d’Excellence” for outstanding contributions to the teaching of French language and culture. Gigi is thrilled to partner with Azurom to design exceptional travel experiences to showcase the target language and authentic culture in France for adult students.

We hold many professional accreditations

What is Virtuoso?

Virtuoso® is the leading global travel agency network specializing in luxury and experiential travel. This by-invitation-only organization comprises over 1,200 travel agency locations with more than 20,000 travel advisors in over 50 countries throughout North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. Drawing upon its preferred relationships with more than 2,200 of the world’s best hotels and resorts, cruise lines, airlines, tour companies and premier destinations, the network provides its upscale clientele with exclusive amenities, rare experiences and privileged access.

Azurom Travel Process

We are here for you before, during and after your travel adventure.

Book our complimentary consultation call. We get to know your travel style and preferences. Open communication is the first key to unlock the next step.

Based on your input and preferences, we design trip options with our invitation-only global partners. Once you select the travel options you love, we reserve them. We will be in touch until you depart.
While you travel and have a great time, we’ll check in on you and the selected travel providers to make sure all is going well.
When you return, we talk with you about what was great and what could have been better, so we can craft your next tailor-made travel experience.
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Our services

We take care of all the research & booking. May include airfare, transportation, hotels, activities, and travel insurance.
For small to medium sized corporations who need an experienced travel company to handle all their travel needs.From business retreats to on-the-go travel. We will help you focus on what is important to you and remove the stress of travel management.
Exploring a new destination with friends or family can be such an amazing memory in the making. But coordinating all the travel details for a large group is complicated. We can help plan, and book many different types of group travel, including business retreats, incentive travel, bachelorette/bachelor parties, multi-generational family travel, affinity groups, and more. If you dream of hosting a group vacation, we can turn that dream into a reality.
Choosing the right travel service for your destination wedding is crucial to ensuring a stress-free and magical experience.
If you know the hotel and dates you would like to book, we are happy to book the hotel so you receive additional amenities on our behalf. You can even book direct all Virtuoso hotels clicking here.

Book our complimentary call with us first to narrow down your needs.

VIP Benefits

Why should you work with a travel advisor to book your next vacation?

See below and learn what benefits there are to working with Azurom Travel. 

Expert Guidance

Have an expert on your side! When working with Azurom travel, you will always know you are getting the best of the best. We are trained in all aspects of travel, from destinations to hotels to excursions and more. Having visited and toured many destinations and hotels around the world has helped us gain expert knowledge. We do this so our clients know they will always be staying at a quality hotel, enjoy top-notch experiences with vetted partners, and only have to worry about creating lifelong memories together while on vacation.

Time Saver

No one has unlimited time to sit and plan every detail of every single trip. Sometimes people choose to not travel just because they don’t have time to plan out a vacation. Don’t let that be you. We save you time by planning all parts of your vacation so all you have to do is go and enjoy making memories with your loved ones.

VIP Treatment

You’re on vacation. You should be treated like a VIP! Azurom travel has built strong relationships with travel partners all over the world, which means we have the connections to spoil YOU! We make sure our travel partners treat our clients like VIPs every single time. Samples of VIP benefits, are extra credit to use on cruise or Hotel, guaranteed upgrades at some 5 stars hotels, extra amenities offered.

Stress Reliever

We know how overwhelming it can be to plan a vacation. The internet can be a big dark hole of too much information and it’s hard to know who and what to trust. A vacation shouldn’t add stress to your life, it should remove stress! We are here to take that stress away for you.

Concierge Service

We’ve got your back throughout the entire travel process. From the beginning, we listen to your needs and wants to provide a customized dream vacation itinerary. We answer all your questions whenever they arise. If anything goes wrong before or during your vacation, like a missed flight connection, we are here to help. Reduce your stress by knowing a human and personal contact is there for you through the entire travel process.

Professional Accreditations

We constantly better ourselves so we can deliver the best of the best to our travelers. 

Here are some of our professional accreditations and affiliations.

We have been recognized as specialists by many cruise lines. We cannot display them all but here are a few of our accomplishments.

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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

All reviews are from verified travelers and are publicly posted on google, or virtuoso profile.

Celine creates a pleasant way to organize travel. Everything Celine set up was exactly the way it was supposed to be. Outstanding service and the selection of hotels, tours and restaurants was exactly how we wanted it to be. Well done, could not have asked for more. Just tell her what you want and it gets done with efficiency and thoughtful deliberation. We will be calling Celine before our next trip!


Expertise and attention to detail, my trip was an absolute success from start to finish. First and foremost, the accommodations selected for me were outstanding.


Overall, I cannot overstate my appreciation of Celine’s exceptional work in arranging the trip. Her attention to detail, professionalism, and friendly demeanor made the entire process a pleasure.


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Our Commitment to Conscious Luxury

We strive to deliver options that are better for our travelers and for our Planet. Responsible tourism is in line with luxury travels. 

More and more tourism professionals adopt sustainable practices from banning single-use plastic, less harmful fuels to having direct and meaningful impacts on the local economies.

Responsible travel:

Azurom - Luxury Travel Boutique

1/ Preserves cultural heritage

Responsible travel is a two-way street. While appreciating and learning from different cultures, it’s equally important to minimize negative impacts and empower local communities. By following responsible travel practices, you can play a crucial role in preserving cultural heritage, ensuring its longevity for generations to come.
Azurom - Luxury Travel Boutique

2/Protects the planet

You cannot protect what you don’t know. Seeing and experiencing first hand places far away from the comfort of home pushes us to keep these places intact for the generations to come and get a global perspective on our own impact.
Azurom - Luxury Travel Boutique

3/supports local economies

Choosing handcrafted souvenirs directly from artisans instead of mass-produced items ensures cultural practices thrive and communities benefit financially.