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French riviera in the winter

In many places  Winter remains a dreadful season especially for the non-skiers.  Just head to the French Riviera and you will be delighted with its hues of yellows and blues. Its one of the most colorful region in Europe in this season.

We can thank the mimosa tree from the Acacia family.  The mimosa was introduced on the French Riviera around 1850. It became the “king of winter” in those areas with a mild climate such as Mediterranean Provence. 


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The mimosa flowering period starts in January and lasts until mid-March, so it’s the perfect time to take in the sights along the mimosa route.  Up to 90 species of mimosas grow in this area. From January to March, the sweet scents and sunny yellow of the flowers await you. 

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Author: Céline Swicegood

Céline is an official French Riviera Ambassador which is also her home region and where she started to work in tourism. Reach out to Céline for more information on custom French Riviera travel itineraries.