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Virtuoso is a global, by-invitation-only network of luxury travel agencies and providers with agencies and advisors and preferred travel partners worldwide. Virtuoso advisors leverage their industry connections and extensive knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional value and customized service. 

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Exclusive Hotels Partners and Benefits

Stepping into the world of exclusive hotel partnerships and VIP status is like entering a secret garden of luxury, where personalized service and hidden perks blossom around every corner. These partnerships, forged between select hotels and discerning travel programs or organizations, unlock a treasure trove of benefits that elevate your stay from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Examples of exclusive Benefits

Forget standard accommodations. With VIP status, you might land a spacious suite with breathtaking views, enjoy early check-in or late check-out, or even get bumped up to a higher floor upon arrival. Your room becomes a sanctuary tailored to your preferences.

No more waiting in line. VIPs often bypass queues for check-in, spa appointments, or restaurant reservations. You’ll feel like a valued guest, greeted with warmth and efficiency.

Indulge in complimentary breakfast buffets, access to private lounges with delectable refreshments, or priority spa access. Some partnerships might even offer welcome gifts, complimentary spa treatments, or invitations to exclusive events and tastings.

Immerse yourself in the destination’s culture with curated experiences, like behind-the-scenes tours or private museum visits, arranged by the hotel specifically for VIP guests.

Expect impeccable attention to detail. Dedicated concierges cater to your every whim, from restaurant recommendations to arranging personal shopping sprees or in-room movie nights.

Cruise lines benefits

Through the Virtuoso Voyages program, our travelers receive added benefits. Perks can include:

Repatriation Services

We chose to partner with Medjet for the ultimate repatriation service. To travel well is to travel protected. More than just an insurance, to have the peace of mind that an organization will protect you in the most tricky situation. We love our World but sometimes local political situations or simply acts of god can wreak havoc on your special adventures.

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We always recommend travel insurance and are happy to provide recommendations for reputable insurance companies. 

Please ensure all travelers’ passports do not expire for AT LEAST six months following the final date of your upcoming travels.


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