Understanding Sustainable Travel

Embracing a more sustainable and conscious travel

Sustainable travel entails practices of minimizing negative impacts of tourism while maximizing benefits to local ecosystems that include the local communities, cultures, their economy and the environment.  In an era where our planet faces unprecedented environmental challenges, the way we travel has great significance.. Did you know that tourism contributes to more than 5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, with transportation accounting for 90 percent of this? By 2030, a 25% increase in CO2-emissions from tourism compared to 2016 is expected. From 1,597 million tons to 1,998 million tons as per The WorldCounts. 

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As responsible travelers, there is a need to make conscious choices while planning our holidays which is a pathway to preserving our planet. Inspired by conscious luxury in fashion, we at Azurom Travel are redefining luxury and believe that conscious travel and luxury can coexist. Conscious travel seeks to establish harmony between exploration and conservation to ensure that our future generations can revel in the beauty of this planet.   

To know more about our commitment to conscious travel: https://www.azurom.com/boutique-services/ 


At the core of sustainable travel lies consciousness – mindful awareness of the outcome of our actions.

 Every choice we make for our holiday determines the sustainability of our journey. Traveling during off-season, choosing destinations closer to home, eco-friendly accommodation, eating at local restaurants and shopping at local boutiques are a few ways in which one can reduce their negative footprint and establish carbon positive patterns for traveling. 

By making conscious travel choices, we can protect the planet, support local economies, preserve local cultures & heritage and empower local communities. Often, we stop at reducing our carbon footprint, however, with Azurom Travel, we can plan to make your next holiday de luxe more meaningful and sustainable. 

For tips on a nature positive trip: https://travelhub.wttc.org/blog/5-ways-you-can-make-your-next-trip-nature-positive 

About the writer 

Shriya Vidwans, Azurom Travel ambassador

I am an avid traveler having worked to promote France destinations in my previous professional endeavor. A Francophone at heart, I am vegan, a conscious consumer currently pursuing training in sustainability consulting.