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own a home on the South of France

La Côte d'Azur has a history of being one of the most sought-after areas for those visiting the Mediterranean on holiday. Ocean mixed with nearby Alps mountains and of course a culture of fine wine and food mean that the region welcomes more than 12 millions visitors every year.


' Buy to Invest' market is strong on the French Riviera and property owners are able to maximize their investment in a villa or condo here in the South of France. For both leisure and corporate travelers renting a more private space rather than a hotel has many benefits and means that a property investment in the region is still a smart investment. 


When you buy with us, Azurom will be able to put your investment on the market right away with many perks,  a preferred management rate and generate rapidly rental income on your behalf.

We only have flat fees.


Always at your service, our meticulous team will help you with  your investment or a Vacation Home.


With 4 different levels of membership, anyone can afford Azurom and dream of owning property on the French Riviera.


Azurom: Straightforward, Transparent, and Fair

Finding a property in France can be treacherous for a non-French resident, because of the differences in language, laws, and cultural norms.   Azurom is here to bridge these gaps to provide you with a seamless and straightforward buying process. 

Behind Azurom is a team of specialized professionals who ensure a smooth and safe real estate purchase.  From scouting available properties, to finding an English-speaking Notaire (real estate lawyer), to recommending an international mortgage broker (if one is required), we have the contacts that are crucial to your success.

If you choose to lease out your property, we continue to leverage our team to provide management advice, concierge services, and accountants with experience in non-resident property management.

When the services of a professional are required, we work with people who have proven their competence to us in the past.  To maintain strict ethical standards, there is no behind-the-scenes financial arrangement between the professionals we use and Azurom.   


Azurom: Flexible for you

With 4 service levels to accommodate any budget, Azurom can make the dream of owning property on the French Riviera a reality.

You can upgrade levels at any time.  For example, if you want to start with our basic consulting package and then believe a higher level of engagement would be more appropriate, we can simply apply what you already paid towards the new level.

Azurom:  Giving Back

Being in the business of real estate, we are sensitive to the fact that adequate, safe housing is not universal.  For this reason, we give a portion of our profits to the global non-profit housing organization Habitat for Humanity.

First One Hour Free Consultation

Flat Fee Starts at $495


Ask for a Full Brochure of all our Different Services

Skype Celine Azurom

+1 (512) 686 8735

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Le Trayas
Cap d'Antibes
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Le Mas Candille
Condo for Sale
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Paved Terrace
Cannes Fireworks


Azurom is a Network of Professionals


A consultant 

Rental Manager

International Real estate Lawyer

International Mortgage Broker

accounting experts

concierge check in for your renters


Property Manager, Concierge

Gilles is very detailed oriented. A private concierge who can manage and take the best care of your Investment Property

Eric &Véronique

Accounting Experts

Eric and Véronique are accounting experts. They manage  Rental Investments from many non french owners. Their expertise will bring you the peace of mind you need to navigate the French tax laws.


International Lawyer

Jeanne is an International Lawyer who has been working with international buyers for years on the French Riviera. Her firm is used to find the best legal framework for a high level clientele.


International Mortgage Broker

Douglas is a Mortgage Broker used to find solutions to find loans in France for your Real Estate Investment on the French Riviera

Why Invest on the  French Riviera

  • Cannes Festival

  • Monaco, Monte-Carlo

  • the Alps with ski in 1 hour

  • Gastronomy 

  • Picasso, Matisse, Renoir, Monet, Chagall, Soutine..., chose it

Real Estate Consulting  exclusive for

French Riviera, France Côte d'Azur

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