Azurom French Riviera
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Your French Riviera Ambassador

Azurom  is an Official Ambassador to the French Riviera.  It was nominated by the organization "Côte d'Azur France"  in 2018.   


"It is an immense honor to share the beauties of the Riviera with you."

Azurom was born out of a true passion for the French Riviera, "La Côte d'Azur", and all it can offer. 

​"My name is Céline, founder of Azurom, a  Boutique  Travel Consultancy based in the USA.  I was born and raised on the French Riviera.


I worked for the Tourism Board of the French Riviera before pursuing careers in Anthropology, event planning, Fundraising, and Real Estate.

Azurom is a product of all these experiences that allow me to bring the French Riviera to you! 

​Whether your goal is travel, honeymoon,  family getaways, etc,  or real estate investment, Azurom offers a complete bespoke experience, just for you.  

Every Trip is UNIQUE

Every Customer is UNIQUE

All the service professionals and suppliers we work with are handpicked. 

As natives of the Côte d' Azur,  we at Azurom bring an insider's knowledge of the region - on or off the beaten path. "

+1 (512) 686 8735


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